CURRENT Lockdown

CURRENT Lockdown

From 5pm today, 5/8, all of the Hunter will be in lockdown for 1 week.

During the lockdown, our default for all appointments is Telehealth via Skype. Our doctors will review their upcoming appointments, and if your appointment will need to be face to face we will contact you to arrange this. If you have an upcoming appointment and you have not been contacted to arrange a face to face visit, please ensure you have a Skype account ready and send us the email address you use to log in via email to (please include your child’s name and DOB).

Information about how to create a Skype account can be found here:

Our phone lines are extremely busy and it is difficult to get through to us. If you need to contact the rooms regarding an existing appointment, please do not call us, and instead send an email to

Under no circumstances should anyone come to our rooms if you are symptomatic, or if you have been asked to isolate due to being a close or casual contact with a known case of COVID-19.