Preventing COVID-19 spread at TNPC

Preventing COVID-19 spread at TNPC


If you live in, or have visited, areas currently in lockdown, please call us and DO NOT ATTEND our clinic.

Everyone over the age of 12 will be required to wear a mask in our practice. Please bring your own mask, we are unable to provide masks.

2 parents or carers may attend with their child, however currently no siblings will be permitted due to social distancing requirements.

Illness: please do not come to our clinic if you or your child are acutely unwell with respiratory illness. Symptoms include runny nose, sore throat, fever, or cough. We encourage you to have a COVID swab in line with government recommendations. If your COVID swab is negative you will still not be seen in the rooms until you are symptom free, to protect our staff and doctors from becoming unwell. You will be asked to leave if you arrive at the clinic with any symptoms as described above.

Appointment: We generally offer face to face appointments for new patients, and telehealth appointments for returning patients. Variation on this guideline is at the doctor’s discretion.

Parents and carers: A maximum of 2 parents or carers will be allowed to attend with the patient. We have the option of other parents or carer phoning/skyping in to the appointment on a pre-arranged basis. Variations to this guideline are at the discretion of each doctor. TNPC prefers that siblings do not attend appointments (infants excluded) due to the size of our rooms and social distancing requirements.

Hand hygiene: Hand washing and hand sanitising facilities are available and strongly encouraged.

Masks: Requirements for wearing a mask will vary as we keep in line with NSW health guidelines. We are not able to supply masks and ask that families bring their own.